The Okies debut and the rest of the show at the Franklin Theater this past week was so much more than I could have asked for.  Heath Wright and Dave Innis are warhorse musicians and performers.  I could not be in better company to begin building this new and exciting musical experience, “The Okies”.  As far as the show went… we had some of the best players you can find anywhere in the world playing with us.  It was an incredible feeling to stand on stage and let the music just wrap itself around you.  The musical integrity was so uplifting, it pushed everyone’s performance level completely over the top. I’ve never felt so blessed to be involved with anything.  To stand on the side of the stage and watch and listen to the other performers pour their hearts into this event was such an incredible feeling.  My hat’s off to everyone involved for your talents and generosity.
You make my life…
Okie Dokie,


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