Paul Gregg

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Paul is a “Road” scholar, meaning he hones his skills “On the Road” and in the trenches. He relies solely on what he hears and feels in his heart for his contribution to the music of Restless Heart and his latest adventure, The Okies.

Born in Altus, Oklahoma, Paul is the son of a cotton and wheat farmer. Hard work, hometown values and a tenacious desire to follow his heart are what drive him. (That and a bus driver with plenty of sleep!)

Paul left Altus early on to chase his dream. He and his brother got their first taste of the road performing at ski resorts throughout New Mexico and Colorado in the summer of 1976. Still not sure if music would be a career that would sustain him, he attended a Tech School in Okmulgee, Oklahoma for two years where he studied fuel injection. In May of 1978, under the encouragement of his brother, he moved to Nashville, where he worked for two years as a fuel injection specialist on Main Street to make ends meet. When an opportunity finally came to do a couple of road shows for Opryland, he took it.

Over the course of the next four years he continued to play and travel, meeting and making new friends with ties to the music industry. One of those people was Greg Jennings. Greg, after listening to him sing and play, insisted that he meet a friend of his named Tim Dubois, a Nashville songwriter. Dubois, along with partner Scott Hendricks, would end up being the band’s first producers and would later become heads of major record labels in Nashville. Paul had also been working in a rock band with a drummer named John Dittrich for about a year when, once again, Tim came to him with the idea of putting together a band and doing some music that was off the beaten path for country music. Paul called John, and together with Greg and two other singer-musicians, Dave Innis and Larry Stewart, the band Restless Heart was formed. The rest is history.

Fast-forward 30+ years where Paul and Dave have joined together to create an immersive musical experience designed to give their fans  a backstage pass to the Essential Restless Heart. The duo will perform hits, deep cuts, and new music, while sharing stories of life from the road and the studio.