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Debut Done!

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The Okies debut and the rest of the show at the Franklin Theater this past week was so much more than I could have asked for.  Heath Wright and Dave Innis are warhorse musicians and performers.  I could not be in better company to begin building this new and exciting musical experience, “The Okies”.  As far as the show went… we had some of the best players you can find anywhere in the world playing with us.  It was an incredible feeling to stand on stage and let the music just wrap itself around you.  The musical integrity was so uplifting, it pushed everyone’s performance level completely over the top. I’ve never felt so blessed to be involved with anything.  To stand on the side of the stage and watch and listen to the other performers pour their hearts into this event was such an incredible feeling.  My hat’s off to everyone involved for your talents and generosity.
You make my life…
Okie Dokie,



Paul's Notes

A Letter from Paul

To Fans Old & New,
Never thought, at this point in my career, that I would be embarking on a brand new musical journey. Feeling so blessed that I’ll be making it with a great friend.  Dave and I would like to invite you all to come along and enjoy THE OKIES experience with us.
THE OKIES is an opportunity for Dave and I to stretch out and do some things we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. That being said, some of the things we want to do may take a little time…Hence the Journey!
Right up front, I’d like to say that there is no way that any of what lies ahead would be remotely possible without the recognition afforded me as a result of spending the last 34+ years in the best band I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of, “Restless Heart”.  And I should also mention at this point that as long as there are Restless Heart fans to play for out there, Dave and I will continue to bring what we always have to the numerous Restless Heart shows we do every year.
My commitment to THE OKIES shall never diminish my obligation nor passion to continue to be a member of a band that I’ve spent over half my life playing with. It has been a source of pride my entire career.
As THE OKIES, Dave and I will also be working hard to put together the kind of show that, not only Restless Heart fans expect, but that music lovers across the board will come to love and appreciate.
So when THE OKIES come to your town, we hope ALL will come to enjoy…
An evening of great entertainment…
An evening of music and fun…
An evening of great Special Guests
An evening with…   THE OKIES
Much Love To All,
Paul Gregg